How Do You Ship Creature Cups?

To destinations within the United States, products ship via USPS Priority Mail for a flat rate of $5.99 for orders less than $60, and $6.99 for orders over $60. Please allow 5-7 business days to arrive within the US.

For European destinations, the flat rate shipping cost is US$69.99 to all European countries except Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and Netherlands (please visit our International Retailers page for those).

For other destinations, shipping will be calculated based on the weight and destination. 

Please allow longer for international orders.

How Do I Clean My Cup?

Creature Cups are dishwasher safe and microwavable. To best care for your creature, soak it in warm water right after use and gently clean it with a small brush. Our creatures love a hot bubble bath!

What Are Creature Cups Made Of?

Creature Cups are made of hi-fire ceramics.  All products are tested for FDA compliance and for lead and cadmium using test method ASTM C738-94.

What Size Are The Cups?

The volume measurement does include the creature, which will reduce the volume by 0.5-2oz depending on the creature.  The creatures do not scale with the cup, so the creature in the 11oz is the same size as the 15oz. All 11oz cups are 3.2" height and 4.1" diameter, weighing 0.8lbs.  All 15oz cups are 3.5" height and 4.2" diameter, weighing 1lb. Creature bowls are 25 oz. with dimensions of 3" height and 7" diameter.

What Color Are The Cups?

Each design comes in a color specific to its theme. The Creatures of the SEA have the Wedgewood Blue exterior.  Creatures of the LAND have the Cobalt Blue exterior. The Creepy Cups have the Black exterior. The Limited Editions will vary in an array of colors.  Sorry, we don't customize colors or designs in our shop.  Visit our Wholesale Inquiries page for stores or organizations looking for customization.

Is My Information Safe?

All orders and personal data are collected and processed by PayPal.  Creature Cups® never handles any credit card information of orders placed on this website. Refer to the PayPal site for security and privacy policies.

How Do I Return My Cup?

Please e-mail with your order number for instructions for returns. We cannot accept returns more than 30 days after receipt.

Why Is There A Hole In The Bottom Of My Cup?

You may notice a small spot on the bottom of your cup. We make a small hole in the bottom of the cup before the firing process to make sure that the cup won't explode when it goes into the kiln. Once the cups are fired, we seal the hole using a durable watertight glaze. Don't worry! The hole is completely sealed and won't leak or allow outside substances in.