We have BRAND NEW creatures on the way! To prepare for their arrival, we're giving away new cups to some lucky - and trivia-savvy - guessers before anyone can buy them! ☕️ 🤔❓

Want a chance to win a new Creature Cup®? Entering is easy: Simply read the hints provided about this new, exciting creature and enter your guess as to which creature you think it is in the entry box below!

Every participant that guesses the correct creature is automatically entered for a chance to win that Creature Cup®! Contest ends 8/28 and then we will announce the correct answer and the one lucky winner! Now go play ⤵️

Guess Who: Which Creature Am I?

Hint #1 - I weigh 30-70 pounds at birth

Hint #2 - I live in all 50 US states

Hint #3 - "Red Dog" is our baby nickname

Think you know it? Add your guess to the entry box below and email your friends for additional entries. 

Guess Who Giveaway - Creature 5

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Congratulations Past Winners!

Fox - Emily B.

Crow - Rhonda R.

Cactus - Steffani O.

Hedgehog - Heather L.